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At Delaware Anesthesia Services, we recognize the significance of a patient’s decision to undergo surgery, and we understand the concerns and anxieties that may arise. Our compassionate and experienced team is here to provide support at every step of the way. Our priority is to create a calm and reassuring environment, where comfort and well-being are at the forefront of everything we do. 

Our highly trained anesthesiologists and CRNAs have years of experience and expertise in providing anesthesia for a wide range of surgical procedures, from minimally invasive to highly complex surgeries. They stay up to date with the latest advancements and techniques in anesthesia, allowing us to consistently deliver outstanding patient care. 

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Recruiting top-notch anesthesiologists and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs) is vital to the success of any anesthesia group. However, engaging in effective recruiting requires a thoughtful and strategic approach that goes beyond simply posting job openings online. Here are some strategies we use to attract the best anesthesiologists and CRNAs to our team.  

  1. We establish a strong employer brand. Delaware Anesthesia Services strives to establish a strong employer brand that highlights our commitment to providing high-quality patient care, investing in our providers’ professional development, and creating a positive work environment. 
  2. By having a comprehensive recruiting strategy. For us, recruiting is an ongoing effort that involves a variety of tactics, including job postings, referral programs, and networking events.
  3. We leverage technology. We utilize applicant tracking systems to manage job applications and automate candidate communication, as well as social media and online job boards to reach passive anesthesia job seekers. 
  4. We offer competitive compensation to attract and retain top talent.  
  5. Delaware Anesthesia Services focuses on provider retention. We invest in provider engagement and development programs, such as mentorship and leadership training, to help our providers feel valued and supported. 
  6. We provide opportunities for career advancement. Our anesthesia group provides clear career paths and opportunities for advancement to help our providers grow and develop professionally.  

Equipment And Supply Management

Anesthesia is a vital part of the perioperative process, ensuring the comfort and safety of patients undergoing surgery. The quality and efficiency of anesthesia services can significantly impact patient outcomes and overall surgical success We play a critical role in managing the equipment and supplies necessary for the proper administration of anesthesia. To prevent the risk of running out of essential anesthesia supplies, we conduct regular inventory checks and maintain a streamlined system for tracking stock levels. Anesthesia equipment, such as anesthesia machines, vaporizers, and monitors, require regular maintenance and calibration to ensure optimal performance and patient safety. We develop maintenance schedules and assign certified biomed inspectors to oversee and perform routine checks and servicing. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of equipment failure and reduces the likelihood of complications during surgery. Standardizing anesthesia equipment and supplies leads to cost savings, increased efficiency, and improved patient safety. By using the same or similar types of equipment and supplies in every operating room, we reduce the need for specialized training and minimize the risk of errors due to unfamiliarity with different equipment and supplies. Additionally, in the office-surgery setting, standardization allows for bulk purchasing, which helps us realize cost savings on anesthesia supplies and equipment. 

Revenue Cycle Management

Billing practices have a significant impact on the financial performance of anesthesia groups. In an increasingly complex and competitive healthcare environment, it is crucial for groups such as ours to optimize their billing processes to ensure proper reimbursement and avoid revenue losses. The foundation of effective billing lies in accurate documentation and coding of anesthesia services. Delaware Anesthesia Services invests in continuous staff education and training to ensure that all providers are up to date on the latest coding guidelines, including CPT and ICD-10 codes. Through, careful, and accurate documentation of patient care, preoperative evaluations, anesthesia times, and postoperative care, we ensure our billing is accurate Precise and timely charge capture is critical for optimized billing. We establish an efficient workflow for charge capture, including the use of effective software solutions, to ensure that all billable services are documented and submitted promptly. Regular audits are conducted to identify any missed charges and address any inefficiencies in the charge capture process.

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance is a critical aspect of healthcare delivery, and anesthesia services are no exception. The foundation of a robust quality assurance program is the development and implementation of standardized policies and procedures. These guidelines should be based on current evidence, expert consensus, and regulatory requirements.  We establish written protocols for various aspects of anesthesia care, including preoperative assessment, intraoperative management, and postoperative care. These protocols are regularly reviewed and updated to reflect advances in anesthesia techniques, equipment, and best practices. We provide continuous education and training so our clinicians can maintain the highest level of competency. Delaware Anesthesia Services invests in ongoing education programs that cover topics such as patient safety, pharmacology, and emerging technologies. These programs also include regular assessments and competency evaluations to ensure that all our anesthesia providers remain up to date on the latest practices.  

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